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Friday, January 25, 2013

A to Z of Me

Dawn over at Mom-A-Logues did this and I thought it looked like fun!  Here's mine!

AGE = 27

BED SIZE = We started out our marriage with a very uncomfortable double bed.  When I was pregnant with Little Man, our landlady (who is also a close family friend) was looking to downsize so she traded beds with us.  She took our double bed and we got her super comfy king size bed!  It made a huge difference in my sleep while I was pregnant.  With the double bed, I'd always wake up stiff and so sore I could barely walk.

CHORE YOU HATE = Laundry.  Hands down!  I don't mind washing, drying, or even folding (I save it for after the kids go to bed and then sit down and watch a few tv shows while folding laundry), but I hate, hate, hate putting it away. 

DOGS = No thank you!  I don't mind dogs, but it's just one more responsibility and expense right now.  When the kids are old enough to clean up after the dog ( I am NOT becoming a poop scooper!) and help pay for vet bills, they can get one.

ESSENTIAL START TO YOUR DAY =  Waking up before the kids.  If I have a few minutes to do my devotions and drink a cup of hot chai before they wake up, I can handle them so much better.

FAVORITE COLOR = Blue.  I love just about every shade of it!  My wedding colors were blue and yellow.

GOLD OR SILVER =  I've always like silver better, but all of the jewelry my husband has ever given me has been gold, so it's growing on me!

HEIGHT =  5' 5"

INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY = I used to play the flute, but asthma made that difficult.  I play a little piano, a little mandolin, a little guitar, and a little violin/fiddle.  I really should buckle down and get good at one instrument :)

JOB TITLE = Small business owner.  I have my own children's clothing boutique and am starting a new business selling pdf sewing patterns for clothing I've designed.  I also count wife and mother as my job titles :) 

KIDS = Princess (5), Little Man (2), and Star (4 months).  I always wanted to have 4 or 6 kids (not 5, I grew up with 4 siblings and nothing divides evenly among 5!), but I'm happy with my 3 precious little ones.

LIVE = In a very small town in southeastern Minnesota.  We have to drive 45 minutes to buy anything other than the basic groceries we can buy in town here.

MARRIED = Married to my dear Hubby for 6 years now!

NICKNAMES =   My older sister calls me "Nanna" and she's the only one who's allowed to call me that.  I've been called Hannah Banana A LOT by pretty much everyone, but I generally try to discourage that, lol.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS = Um, yeah.  When I was 6, I was in the hospital for a week (and in a coma for 5 days) because I stopped breathing due to an asthma attack.  Asthma attacks put me in the hospital again at ages 10, 13, and 15.  I've also been in the hospital 3 times to have babies :)  The last time, I was kept 2 extra days because I developed cellulitis in my leg after giving birth.  After it was completely better, I finally looked it up in a medical journal (I didn't want to freak myself out while I still had it).  By the time cellulitis gets to the point where you're spiking a high fever like I was, you're going septic and will slip into a coma and die if you don't get help immediately.  Glad I didn't know how serious it was while I had it!

PET PEEVE = Inconsiderate people.  I always try to consider how my actions affect others.  It really bugs me when people completely ignore that and just do what they want.

QUOTE = "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."  Philipians 1:21

RIGHTY OR LEFTY = I'm so right handed that I could probably cut my left hand off and not miss it.  When I was 6 (yeah, it was a bad year), I broke my right wrist.  Boy, did that make things interesting for a while.  Incidentally, that's when I finally learned to tell my right hand from my left.  Even now, I stop and think, "okay, I broke this wrist so this is my right hand and that's my left."  Pathetic?  Probably.

SIBLINGS =  I have 1 older sister, 2 younger brothers, and a younger sister, in that order.  I loved growing up in a big family.

TIME YOU WAKE UP =  If it were up to me, I'd sleep until about 7:30, but Star usually gets me up between 6:30 and 7. 

UNIVERSITY ATTENDED = I attended a community college during my senior year in high school and then took online classes several years later.

VEGGIES YOU DISLIKE = I'm a bona fide picky eater (sorry, Mom!) so there aren't too many I like.  Actually, it would probably be faster to list the ones I like than the ones I don't.  I like spinach, greens, green beans, carrots, potatoes, and corn.  Ok, corn is technically a grain, so that doesn't really count.

WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE = My kids!  Somedays, it can take over an hour to get out the door.

X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD = I had an x-ray on my wrist when I broke it and I've had quite a few x-rays for asthma related stuff.

YUMM FOOD =  I could eat pepperoni pizza 6 days a week.


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  1. I love these posts - such a fun way to get to know you better. :)

    1. Glad you commented, I just realized that I forgot to link this to your post!

  2. This is awesome! I'm definitely going to sit down and do this tonight when I have time to write :) xo

    1. Can't wait to see it! Don't forget to link it up here :)

  3. I love this! I'm working on my list right now. I think you have the same taste in veggies as my husband and older son (well, you'd have to remove all the green ones except lettuce from your list for him).

    1. Can't wait to see your list! Unfortunately, my kids have inherited my taste for vegetables :)

  4. I'm totally with you on the inconsiderate people - as I get older this is something that annoys me more and more! Hope you're going well hon, xx

  5. Oh I like the look of this, I hope to get a moment to join in too! It's been nice finding out a bit about you since I've just 'met' you!

    1. I'd love to see your list too! I hope you get a chance to link it up here :)


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