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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Houston: We Have a Thumbsucker!

I've always though babies sucking their thumbs were so cute.  I was secretly disappointed that neither of my 2 older kids ever had any interest in sucking their thumbs.  But, I reassured myself that it was a good thing because it's much easier to take away a pacifier than a thumb.

So, guess what Star figured out this week?

She is now an avid thumb sucker.  I gotta say, it's adorable. 

She hasn't figured out how to fold her fingers down so unfortunately, she keeps poking herself in the eyes when she's sucking her thumb.   

And yes, she is in a laundry basket.  She needed a nap, but her big sister was "napping" in my room which is where her cradle is.  So I stuck her in a laundry basket.

As you can see, she thought it was hilarious and decided not to nap after all.

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  1. So, so cute! My son was a thumbsucker for about a month before he gave it up and I secretly loved watching him do it, it's so sweet.


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