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Monday, January 21, 2013

Back In the Land of the Living

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling a little achy.  I figured it was a result of an all-day shopping trip the day before.

It wasn't.

By 11 am, I was rapidly getting worse and I knew what it was.  Several of my friends and family had recently had the same thing, and I knew that it was only a matter of time before it hit our family.  Honestly, I was hoping it'd be Hubby or one of the kids (*bad mommy!*) though.  Not because I didn't want to get sick (although I realllllllly didn't), but because I knew I'd be out of commission for at least a couple of days if I got it.  Mommy can't be out of commission with three small kiddos.

But I was.

Wednesday, I toughed it out and got all three kids to bed by myself since Hubby was gone, before I collapsed into bed.

Thursday, I woke up and swore that a semi had rolled straight over my bed and then backed up and rolled over me again.  But, I knew I couldn't count on Hubby to help me out since he had a silly excuse about working or something like that.

This is my Facebook status from that morning:
"Worst flu ever.  I want my mommy."

My mommy was working so she sent my daddy.  I'm a bonafide Daddy's girl, but I've never been so happy to see him as I was that morning.  I'm not even sure what he and the kids did that day since I was so out of it.  In the afternoon, he took me to the doctor while my landlady came downstairs and watched the kids.  She also did some laundry, washed the dishes, and got the kids to clean up the living room while I was gone.  Best. Landlady. Ever.

The doctor diagnosed me with Influenza A and sent me home with a prescription of Tamiflu.  Did you know Tamiflu is over $10 a pill?  At that point, I was so miserable, I'd have spent $100 a pill.  And then regretted it later, of course.

Thursday night, despite being tired out from just having recovered from her own bout of the flu, my mom came over while my dad went to work.

Friday, my dad came over again and spent most of the day at my house.  Let's just say, I owe my parents big time.

Saturday, Hubby took all three kiddos to his mom's house to stay the day and I got a peaceful, quiet day to rest at home.  Oh, blessed quietness.  And to make the day perfect (if you forget the fact that I had the flu), my little sister went shopping for me and got me SIX new tops!

On Sunday, I finally felt better, but with absolutely zero energy.  I couldn't even pick Little Man up.  Thankfully, Hubby took the two older ones to church and then to his mom's the rest of the day so I got to hang out at home with Star by myself all day.  Star spent the day eating, sleeping, and playing with me.  Have I told you what a perfect little angel she is?  Seriously.  Just look at these innocent little eyes...

Star's first pigtail!!  Princess was 18 months old before I could do that with her hair!

Absolute cuteness.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear you had the flu but glad you are on your way to feeling better! I hope that the rest of your family stays healthy.

  2. Nasty, nasty flu! Love the pictures of Star.

  3. Hoping everyone else stays well. It's the worst when Mom is sick, though!


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