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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Observations

It amazes me how little boys can pee ON the potty chair, UNDER the potty chair, and AROUND the potty chair all in one sitting, but somehow avoid getting even one drop IN the potty chair.

Our neighbor gave us her old Christmas tree this year.  Which was really sweet and awesome and I love that it looks so much nicer than the $20 Walmart tree we had before.  Except that when I took all the Christmas decorations down yesterday, I realized that we have absolutely nowhere to store our awesome new tree.  The kids think it's neat that Christmas is over and there's a random pine tree "growing" in our living room.

I have the best baby in the world.  Seriously.  Total cutie, amazing sleeper, hearty eater. 

Laundry.  Blech.

I desperately want to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy again and see The Hobbit in a theater.  But no one's offering to take my kids for 10 hours so I can watch the trilogy or pay for my gas and ticket to a movie theater.  Are they?  *hint hint*

I hate potty training kids.  Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

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  1. Maybe you could turn your tree into a Valentine's Day tree? Might be fun. Good luck on your potty training adventures! I always thought someone (not me!) should have invented some sort of potty training bootcamp where you could send the kiddos off and let someone else do it.

    1. I actually read about a potty training bootcamp in a magazine one time! I would DEFINITELY pay someone to potty train my kids for me :)


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