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Friday, August 23, 2013

Commenting Tips for Bloggers and Blog Readers

I love getting comments on my blog.  It lets me know that someone out there is actually reading what I have to say, and I love getting to know my awesome readers.  I try to reply to every comment although I do miss some here or there.  Because most people aren't going to remember to come back to the blog post and check for a reply, I also email them my response by hitting reply on the email that blogger sends me with the comment.  Unfortunately, some people won't ever receive my email because they don't have an email associated with their blogger account.  When I get a comment from those people, the email from blogger replies back to "noreply-comment@blogger.com."  :(

Here are some tips on blog commenting for both bloggers and blog readers.  Basically, if you're reading this, than it's for you, whether you write a blog or not :)  

Tips for blog readers: 
If you read something you like (here or on any other blog) let the author know!  Comment, like the post on Facebook, etc.  It really means a lot to bloggers.  And I think it goes without saying that if you read something you don't like and feel a need to comment on it, just make sure you're respectful in your comment.  Bloggers are people with feelings too!  And FYI, I have awesome readers because none of the comments I've ever received have ever been anything but positive.  :) 

Check to see if you're a no-reply blogger and if you are, please fix it so I (and other bloggers) can respond to your comments!!  Here's a great tutorial from Story of My Life on how to do that.

Tips for bloggers:
Reply to comments!!!  There are some blogs I love reading and commenting on, but after dozens of comments and not a hint of a reply, I'll give up and stop commenting and sometimes even stop reading the blog because it feels like the blogger really doesn't care about his or her readers.  Let your readers know that they matter.  If you're not sure how to receive email notifications of comments, go to "settings" on your blog dashboard, then go to "Mobile and Email" and then fill out the "Comment Notification Email" box. 

Comment on other blogs frequently.  Not only is that simply a nice thing to do, but it also is a great way to build your blog readership and meet other bloggers.  Make sure that you're not a no-reply blogger!

I have two words for you...word verification (also know as captcha).  People are a lot less likely to comment on your blog if you require them to squint at a little box with nearly indecipherable letters and/or numbers and then translate that into another box.  To disable this feature on your blog, go to "Settings," then "Posts and Comments."  Where is says "Show word verification, click NO.

Make sure you read the comments for more tips and advice!

Do you have any tips to add?  


  1. The only thing I would add for bloggers is to make sure it is easy to find where to leave a comment. I've had to leave a few posts where I had something I wanted to say because I could not figure out how to post my comment. I personally also dislike needing to sign in (and remember yet another password) just to leave a comment but that may just be me.

  2. Cool post :) And I too DISLIKE having to sign in to leave a comment. I have lost entire posts that I put my heart into when bloggers have suffered a loss or are rejoicing in life changing events. So frustrating!!!!

    1. Me too! If I get to comment form and it's run by Disqus or something, I'm out. I can never remember by login info for it.

  3. I heart you! I need to get better at leaving comments, which translates to I need to get off mobile! Also I need to respond to comments on my blog sooner. I feel that after a few days the commentor wouldn't care anymore. Thoughts?

    1. Sometimes it'll be over a week before I respond to a comment. I may not be able to think of something to say right away or I may just miss the comment at first. I've had other bloggers respond to my comments several weeks after I left them and, although I have to refresh my memory about what I said to begin with, I still appreciate the reply. And yeah, mobile makes it harder :) I never quite understood that until I got a tablet and now I don't even turn on the computer for days at a time because the tablet is so handy.

  4. Great post and tips on commenting.
    I also have to say that I don't like it when I have to type in a verification code when commenting on a blog. It is sometimes hard to read the verification code and its annoying having to type it in several times if it is too hard to read. Unfortunately I have started avoiding commenting on posts that require a verification code.

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