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Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Monday - August 26, 2013

Princess decided to grow again so I went shopping last week for new size 6 jeans for her.

The experience was slightly traumatic.

You see, up until this point, my kids have always fit into the clothes in the baby/toddler department.  But, last week, I had to venture into the girls' department to find jeans for Princess.  My little girl who loves twirling in dresses, playing with baby dolls, and pretending to be a princess now has to shop in the girls' department.

Have you seen the girls' department at Target?  Or any other store, really.  It's full of sassy attitude, outfits that shouldn't be worn by adults, let alone little girls, and none of the cuteness I'm used to oohing and aahing over when shopping for my kids' clothes.  *sniffle*

I guess I'll be making a lot of her clothes, at least as long as she'll still wear mommy-made stuff.

On the same shopping trip, I found this adorable sailor dress at Goodwill for Princess.  Doesn't it scream "Sound of Music"  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

While searching for adjustable waist jeans for my super skinny 5 year old, I saw a mom shopping for clothes for her 9 or 10 year old daughter.  I thought nothing of it until I saw her instruct her daughter to try on some pants.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE.  So the little girl stripped down to her underwear and started trying on clothes.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE.  I wouldn't even do that with my toddler, let alone a child that old.  Do you have any idea how many perverts and creeps there are out there?  What do you think?  Bad parenting moment or no big deal?

Somedays I swear Little Man is tapping into the Jekyll and Hyde side of his personality.  While shopping at Sam's Club, I told Little Man not to do something.  I don't even remember what it was, but his reaction...oh. my. word.  He angrily screamed at me something along the lines of, "I'm the boss!  You can't tell me what to do! You're not my boss!  I hate you, Mommy!!"  Ignoring the horrified stares of other shoppers, we had a quick regrouping in the middle of the aisle as I reaffirmed that I am indeed his boss and could tell him what to do plus he's not allowed to say the word "hate" as it's one he's been throwing around liberally lately.  (Side note: he's had an attitude issue lately and I'm not sure where it's coming from.  I've been addressing it, but it's taking a while to pass.  Please pray for me and/or give me advice on how to handle a 3 year old who talks like an rebellious, disrespectful teenager!)  Two seconds later, he asked me to buy a bouquet of flowers from a display we passed.  I chuckled and asked him why.  "So you'll look like a princess, Mommy." he replied with the sweetest smile and a gentle pat on my arm.  The quick turnaround in attitude left my head spinning.      

Knowing how much I've always loved frills and ruffles, my mom got this dress for Princess when she was a baby.   It's so much fun to take out Princess's old clothes and put them on Star. 

Star was too cute for words in this dress although crawling was a bit of a struggle for her :)


  1. I wish we could just keep them small, wouldn't that be amazing. I know, Mea is doing so many new and older things lately too, in fact, just today she started changing Emma's diaper for me so I could finish feeding little man. At least you will be having another little baby soon. (Sniffle, wish I could :( But I am blessed to have the four I have. P.s. cute little red painted toes on the second photo lol. LOVE IT!
    -Sharalyn Anderson

  2. Oh I completely understand the shock of starting to shop in the girls department. It was Target that did it for us too. Spaghetti straps, off the shoulders, everything spandex/elastic and skin tight, and the neon colors! (shuddering)I don't get it. Such grown up clothes. Yet when you shop for shoes the majority of little girls sneakers are still velcro or elastic straps! My 6 year old can tie, but apparently most others can not. (head shaking). V also needs adjustable waist jeans, or I buy the elastic waist ones that fit in length but are still too big in the waist and I have to take them in.

    Little Man is going through what I called the tyrannical threes. Patience and deep breaths are all I got for advice.

    Star is adorable! I like the frilly clothes too, but they never seem to stay frilly for long over here. This may be weird but I am wondering what nickname you will have for your next baby. Any ideas?

    1. Oh my word...the neons. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get that trend! There are no neons in my house! Princess can't tie her shoes yet, but it's because she hasn't never had a pair with actual shoelaces-they're just so hard to find! I'll have to teach her on my shoes :)

      Tyrannical Threes explains it PERFECTLY. I keep reminding myself that it's only a phase (over and over again as I take deep breaths and try not to scream)

      You seriously think I've thought that far ahead? LOL :) It depends on if it's a boy or a girl, but as of right now, I have absolutely no ideas. I'm open to suggestions though, and I'll see if anything stands out during this pregnancy. Star got her name because that's what Princess wanted to name her in real life :)

  3. Uh, I can NOT imagine letting one of my boys try on clothes in the middle of the aisles at any age really but 9 or 10 is MUCH too old to be doing that-YIKES! I can still remember the shock of my first venture into the boy's dept (no girls over here ;) when EVERY shirt seemed to be embellished with skeletons.

    I always thought three was the hardest age until...no, really I think Terrible 3 is one of the hardest ages but you know it does pass so keep your sense of humor and hang in there!

    1. I've caught glimpses of the boys' department as well and I'm pretty sure that's going to traumatize me too in a few years.

      I've heard a lot of other people say that three is the hardest age as well. It wasn't a big deal with Princess, but I'm definitely finding out what everyone is talking about with Little Man! He's not the only one looking forward to his 4th birthday!


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