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Monday, August 5, 2013

Random Monday-Aug 5th, 2013

I told Little Man not to sit on the retaining wall.  He responded with, "It's okay, Mommy.  I won't break it."

Little Man told me he had the "pick-ups" this morning and said that he needed some medicine to make them go away.  I figured out that he meant "hiccups" and tried to scare them out of him.  It didn't work, but it made him laugh hysterically which always gives him the hiccups anyways. 

Hubby asked me to pick up pop at the store since it was on sale last week plus we had a coupon for it.  It's an okay deal when it's on sale, but when you combine that with the coupon, it's an awesome deal.  Right before leaving for the store, I went to put the coupon in my wallet and couldn't find it.  Since I didn't want Hubby to think I was an idiot for losing the coupon so quickly and because he was almost out of pop for his lunch pail, I decided to go ahead and buy it anyways.  Went to the store, did my shopping, came home, and the first thing I saw was the coupon sitting on the counter.  Ugh. 

On that same shopping trip, I bought a bag of potato chips and put them in the front of the cart with Star to keep her entertained even though I was pretty sure it meant we'd be eating potato crumbs instead of potato chips.  Instead of crushing the chips, she poked the bag, laughed at the noise, and then hugged it the rest of the way through the store, giggling every time it crinkled.  Seriously adorable.

I used Swagbucks to save up Amazon gift cards until I had enough to get a tablet.  I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and it came this last Thursday.  I'm totally psyched that I got it for free!  I've found some apps I love for it, but if you have any apps you like, please feel free to share them in the comments!  

This is what happens when a baby finds a blue crayon...

Is it just me or does it look like she ate a smurf?

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  1. Oh my gosh, look at that cute blue face! So cute. I forget my coupons and find them after returning from the store all the time so I can completely relate to that one.


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