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Friday, July 6, 2012

What's in My Purse?

I emptied out my purse tonight.  Here's what I found:

1. 2 bills (don't worry, they're from this week)
2. A baby announcement from when my sister had her third baby...last September (It's a girl!)
3. An invitation to a Norwex party this month.
4. Little Man's Thomas the Train sunglasses.
5. A small notepad.
6. My wallet (if that hadn't been in there, I'd be worried!).  Yes, I have Eeyore on my wallet.  I thought it made sense since Eeyore is always sad and alone and my wallet is always sad and empty.
7. My debit card (why isn't this in my wallet?!?)
8. 6 crayons from the doctor's office.
9. 2 pens (and yet I can never find any when I'm looking for them)
10. The garage door opener.
11. My inhaler.
12. A baby comb...my baby is 2 years old.
13. 2 of those cheese stick spreader thingamajigers from 2 packets of cheese and crackers that the nurse gave my kids at a particularly long day at the doctor's.
14. Nail clippers...because I play fiddle and I always have to cut my nails before I play.
15. An old book of used checks (and yet no checkbook?)
16. The cap from a water bottle.
17. 2 tubes of Burt's Bees lip balm.  Love that stuff!
18. My day planner/journal/can't live without it book.
19. 1 bobby pin.
20. 2 hair elastics for me.
21. 2 hair elastics for Princess.
22. My business card holder (matches my purse cover!).
23. A question mark toy from an ABC set.  The question is....where is the rest of the set?
24. A penny.
25. An empty, squished paper cup from the sample at the grocery store today, courtesy of Princess.
26. Pepto Bismal tablets (probably past their expiration date since I can't remember the last time they were used)
27. Various hard candies (I'm aspiring to be like my Grandma)
28. A travel wipes case decorated with farm themed stickers. 

And that's it.    

As for the purse itself, it's a 31 Gifts purse, but with a custom made cover from Etsy on it.   

So...what's in your purse?

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  1. I clean out my purse all the time (I'm a self-proclaimed neat freak) so it's kind of boring. I have my wallet, a diaper, a baby wipes container, my pocket calendar, last year's calendar (for reference), a sanitary pad (for just in case), and 2 pens.

  2. I can't belive the amount of rubbish I carry around with me!

  3. what purse?! I'm still in the diaper bag mode, my third is 10 months


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