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Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Etsy Gift Guide - Toys

Welcome to the second installment of my 2012 Etsy Gift Guide series!  You can see the entire series here.

I've never been a big fan of noisy plastic toys that do nothing for my children's imagination.  I love the quality and craftsmanship of handmade toys which is why Etsy is one of my favorite places to find toys.

Click on the caption below each picture to follow the link to the specific item.  If you like what you see, be sure to check out the seller's shop to see what other fun things they have! 
Deluxe Custom Superhero Cape Set with Mask
This fleece cape has a velcro closure and felt mask with elastic.  You choose the colors, inital, and shape on the cape.
Cape and Mask Set from EYMM
EYMM is offering my readers the coupon code "Supermommy" good for 5% off your order through December 1st.

Toss and Play Ball
 What a fun ball to toss around with your child!  It features cotton and soft minky fabrics for a tactile experience.  It also comes apart in 3 pieces which makes it a fun puzzle ball for all ages.
Ball from teacher mom

Rainbow Ring Crayon
Each rainbow ring crayon is made from 12 crayons and will provide your child with hours of coloring fun.
Crayon Ring from Mama May i
Mamy May I is offering my readers the coupon code "Supermommy" for 10% off.  The code can also be used at mamamayishop.com

Yellow Magic Wand
What a beautiful alternative to the cheap plastic wands you buy at a superstore!  This wand is made of wood and is all natural and non-toxic.
Wand from 3 Princesses Store

Wrecking Ball Truck with Blocks
 This all natural, wooden wrecking ball truck comes with a set of eight blocks for your child to stack up and knock over.
Truck and Blocks from Green Bean Toys

Color Wheel Puzzle
 What a fun way to learn how colors combine to create new ones!  This wooden color wheel puzzle is non-toxic, and the pieces can be numbered on the back if desired.
Color Wheel Puzzle from The Puzzled One

Personalized Wooden Bowling Game
This wooden bowling game set comes with 10 pins and 2 balls.  One pin can be personalized with a name.  It comes in a drawstring carrying bag.
Bowling Set from Little Sapling Toys 

Rosie Rag Doll
What little girl wouldn't love to snuggle with this soft, fabric stuffed rag doll?
Rag Doll from Rosie Cheeks

I Spy Bag
This I Spy bag is full of tiny trinkets for your child to find.  The back of the bag features an attached printed fabric list of what is in the bag plus a picture list is attached with a ring as well.
I Spy Bag from The Crafting Corner

Felt Finger Puppets
This set of five wool felt finger puppets includes a panda, elephant, bear, owl, and a person.
Finger puppets from Nifty Kidstuff 

Magnetic Fruit with Cutting Board
This fun set comes with a felt cutting board and felt knife to cut the magnetic apple, banana, kiwi, and watermelon.
Felt Food Set from Whispers of a Childhood

Crayon Roll
Great for kids on the go, this crayon roll holds 23 crayons, mini colored pencils, or mini markers.
Crayon Roll from To Jameson with Love

Felt Food Cookie Baking Set
The no-mess way to bake cookies!  This felt set includes 7 mini cookies with frosting and sprinkles, 1 rolled out cookie dough with 4 cookie shapes, 1 spatula, 1 cookie sheet, and 1 wooden rolling pin.
Felt Cookie Baking Set from Fiddle Dee Dee
Fiddle Dee Dee is offering my readers the coupon code "URSPECIAL2" for 15% off through November 24th.

Felt Tiger Mask
What a fun way to pretend to be a tiger!  The felt mask is held on with soft elastic and fits a variety of ages.
Tiger Mask from Dani Jo Designs

Memory Match Game
This set of 20 natural wooden discs have been hand stamped with black, non-toxic, permanent ink.  They come in a drawstring carrying pouch.
Memory Match Game from Hustle Mama

Playdough Learning Mats
This set of playdough learning mats come with 9 different farm animals plus a farmer boy and a farmer girl.  You print them off and laminate them and your child can decorate the faces with playdough.
Learning Mats from Busy Little Bugs Shop

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  1. What great ideas! My boys would have loved some of these when they were younger.

  2. This is an awesome series - how do you find such great Etsy shops? Christmas could be expensive for me this year... :)

    1. I find these Etsy shops by spending way too much time browsing Etsy :)


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