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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I had this conversation with 4 year old Princess earlier today:

Me: I'm going to use the bathroom and then I'll be right back to play with you some more. 

Princess *slightly hysterical*: You mean you're going to leave us?!?!

Me: Um, no.  I'm going to the bathroom.  I'm not leaving the house.

Princess *Starting to sob*: But who's going to take care of us?!?!

Me: Seriously.  I'll be gone less than 2 minutes.  And besides, Daddy is standing right next to you.  I'm sure he can take care of you while I'm in the bathroom.

Princess *A little more hysterical*: Don't close the bathroom door!!!!!

Me: How come you get to close the bathroom door and I don't?!

Princess: Because I'm not a Mommy with kids!!

Hubby: Just go.  I'll hold her back.

*Sigh*.  We've been having some issues at my house lately.

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  1. I used to think my kids thought I had some secret door in the bathroom that would allow me to escape!

    1. Escaping out the window is pretty tempting somedays, but I haven't tried it so far.

  2. Haha love her last comment! What is it with kids and bathrooms - before having kids I always used to wonder how it was that Mums couldn't manage bathroom visits alone - surely you could just close the door.... I've since learnt my lesson though :)

  3. Sometimes when I'm tucking my son into bed at night, he gets weepy and says he doesn't want me to go to work. I work at a school. I have never, ever, ever even one time ever gone in to school to work after he's in bed. Are you kidding? That's my downtime. All I'm going to do is go in to my room and watch Glee, what are you talking about? My husband is a musician and goes out for gigs a lot in the evening... I guess he gets confused.


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