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Monday, November 5, 2012

Organizing Paper Flow

Between mail, announcements, school papers, etc, paper organization can be a pain to manage.

The best way to organize paper flow and keep it from taking over your house is to take care of it as it comes into your home.  I pick up my mail from the post office so the junk mail goes straight into the recycling bin there instead of coming into my house.  If you have a mailbox at your home instead, I recommend tossing the junk mail as soon as it comes inside.

But then you still have the rest of the mail and random papers to deal with.

I saw these plastic letter trays sitting around at my sister's house and asked if she was going to use it.  She said no and gave it to me.  Woohoo!!  Score one for free organizing tools!  If you don't have a sister who will just give you one, you can find them at most office stores or on Amazon.

I put a shoebox on the top tray (don't you think I need to cover it with pretty paper?) to hold the random small stuff that collects on my kitchen counter.  The next shelf down is for Princess's school papers.  The second one from the bottom is for bills and mail that needs my attention which is a must since I keep losing bills and not finding them until right before the due date.  The bottom unit is for the two local papers we get free every week.  I usually keep a few back issues as I reuse newspaper for several different things, plus every time I throw a recent copy out, Hubby asks for it the next day.

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  1. Good tips. I have no counter space, so I bought one that hangs on the wall. It's been a lifesaver!

  2. This is a great system. I'm always looking for ways to deal with the mass amounts of paper that accumulate in my home. I have a file drawer where I keep all my "important" papers (we're kind of paranoid so we keep pretty much everything, but the file drawer is getting really really full. It's ridiculous.

  3. Paper is my downfall! I keep our bills in a plastic organizer that is on the side of the fridge (my husband glued a large magnet on the back for me) and the important school papers in the little pocket in the back of my calendar. I do sort or mail as soon as it arrives. Love the shoebox for the random counter items. I need one of those as well.


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