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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days-5 Uses for Old Newspapers

I always have a stack of old newspapers in my kitchen.  We are lucky enough to get two free local newspapers a week and they never go into the trash without being reused for something else first.

Here are some of my favorite uses for old newspapers:

1. Cleaning up grease after cooking.  Rather than use paper towels, I wipe up grease from cooking with crumpled sheets of newspaper.  Works just as well and it's free!

2. Lining garbage cans.  I always have a newspaper at the bottom of our garbage cans because it makes it easier to clean up the bottom in case of spills or leak plus it absorbs smells.  When the trash bag gets changed, so does the newspaper.

3. Easy clean-up after peeling vegetables.  Anytime I have to peel vegetables, I lay out a few sheets of newspaper and peel the vegetables onto the newspaper.  When I'm done, I simply fold up the newspaper and throw the whole thing in the garbage can.

4. Lining refrigerator drawers.  I hate cleaning out the fruit and vegetable drawers in the fridge, but it's a lot easier if there's newspaper lining the bottom of the drawers!

5. Packing to move.  Newspaper is hands down my favorite thing to use to wrap fragile items when we're moving.  I've moved a total of five times since I turned 18 so I know this works.  I put a sheet in between bowls and plates to keep them safe while moving them.  Stuff a piece inside of mugs and cups and then wrap the outside.  Wrap breakables in a few sheets of newspaper.  Crumple newspaper to fill the empty spaces in the boxes to prevent things from shifting during the move.

Do you have any other uses for recycling newspapers that you can add to the list?

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  1. It probably falls in the same category as moving but I use old newspapers to wrap fragile Christmas decorations before I store them at the end of the year. I've also used them as wrapping paper/tissue paper in a pinch.

  2. My grandmother swears by newspaper to wash her windows. It leaves your hands messy with ink, but it cleans the windows with no streaks!


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