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Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days-Organizing Sewing Patterns

It took me a while (over a year) to figure out the best way to store and organize my sewing patterns.  For the longest time, I just put all the different patterns and sizes in a pile, but then I'd lose a part of a pattern or it'd take me all day to dig through the pile to find the right ones for the orders I needed to start working on.

I finally came up with an effective, neat, organized way to store my printed patterns.  I start by taping the sides of a basic file folder together to form an envelope.

Letter sized file folders

Then I write the pattern and the size on the tab on the top of the "envelope" and fold the pattern pieces to fit inside.  I have the new file folder from 31 Gifts on my wish list to store the folders in, but for now, I'm using an empty baby wipes cardboard box since the folders fit so perfectly.   

Because it helps me find what I'm looking for faster (and because I'm a little OCD about organization), I file the patterns alphabetically, and then each pattern is filed by size.  It takes me just a few seconds to pull out the pattern I need.  

In the back of the box, behind all the patterns, I keep a green folder I saved from college.  In it are all the basic instructions and sizing guides for each pattern type, with each pattern stapled together. 

I also keep a folder on my computer with all the pattern pdfs and copy them to a USB stick drive as well.  I'd hate to lose them if my computer goes down!  

How do you store your sewing patterns?

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