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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days-Freezing Food

Want to cook half as much as you do now?  (Or maybe 1/4 as much, but still worth it!)

Whenever I make something that freezes well, I make twice as much and freeze half of it.  It really doesn't take much more effort to double a recipe.  Then, I have a meal ready to go in the oven at a moment's notice, which is a life saver with a new baby in the house!  Somehow, I got four of these Pyrex glass pans for my wedding so I usually have extras that can go in the freezer, but if they're all in use, I put the food in a foil baking pan and wrap the whole thing about 3 times with tinfoil.  Then I write what's inside on the top with a dry-erase or permanent marker (after my toddler nephew used permanent markers to write all over the walls and hard-wood floors at his house, I won't allow permanent markers in my house until the kids are older, which means that I always use a dry-erase marker)

My black dry erase marker was going dry so I got a new one out and rewrote it.  The recipe for my Deep Dish Pizza Casserole can be found here.

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