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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days-Organizing Hair Accessories

Considering that Princess really only grew enough hair for me to do anything with it after she was two, she has a lot of hair accessories.  Of course, now that she has a little sister (who has lots of hair!!  Hooray!) she'll have to share her hairbows and headbands.  I used to keep all of the hair accessories in a shoebox in Princess's closet, but that was overflowing and impossible to find anything in before long.  So I bought a shoebag and put it on her bedroom door.
*Note: don't be cheap like me and buy the plastic shoebags.  They rip.  Especially when a small child thinks it's fun to hang on the pockets.  Spend the extra money and get a nice canvas shoebag that will last a lot longer*    

I tied long ribbons to the hooks at the top of the bag that hold the shoebag over the door and clip all of Princess's hairbows to the ribbons so they don't get crushed.  Her hard plastic headbands can be looped over a pocket and everything else (soft headbands, barrettes, hair elastics) get organized into its own pocket.  I also have an over-the-door set of hooks next to the shoebag that I use to hang both of the kids' hats on.  

I use some of the (non-ripped) pockets at the bottom to keep all the singleton socks in.  When the pockets get full, I match them up. 

The ribbons to hang the hairbows on are tied onto the metal hooks at the top of the shoebag that hook over the door.  They can easily be moved aside to see the pockets clearly.

Pockets for the soft headbands, small hairbow barrettes, and regular barrettes.  Small clips can be clipped on the edges of the pockets.

Frankly, you can't have too many shoebags in your house.  There are so many uses for them!  For more ideas, you can visit my Pinterest board, Shoebag Organizing.

Tomorrow, I'll be hosting a link-up of your favorite organizing tips.  Be sure to come check it out and add your own tips!

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  1. Love it! We use shoebags for hair accessories too...they come in very handy :)


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