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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Box of Goodies!

So...I have this awesome friend, Jessica, who sent me a box of fun stuff for Star after she was born.  The day the package arrived was like Christmas.  Lots of cute baby girl clothes, a sweet musical baby toy, and some goodies from her boutique!

When she told me she was sending me a package for Star, I was pretty excited.  I'm a repeat customer of hers and have never been disappointed with my orders. 

Jessica sent me an adorable handmade owl print blanket with Star's birth details embroidered on the corner.  I can't show it to you because I'm not comfortable sharing all the details with the internet world, but I can assure you it's an awesome blanket and Star loves being snuggled up in it.

Jessica also sent me four burp cloths from her boutique.  I love the patterns she picked out for them, and they're so big and absorbent, which is a must.  So many store-bought burp cloths are thin or too small to really be effective, but these are perfect!

You can find Jessica's boutique on Facebook and Etsy.

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  1. What a lovely surprise to get in the mail! Your friends work is awesome, I've just been checking out her shop!


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