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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days-How To Keep Brown Sugar Soft

I grew up doing this so I just kind of assumed that everyone did it, but after talking to some friends who were amazed at the idea, I realized that not everyone knows this trick.

Does your brown sugar get hard after a while?  A super easy way to keep it soft is to put a piece of bread in with it.  I put the heel of the loaf of bread in mine because no one eats that anyways.  If your brown sugar is already hard, putting a piece of bread in the bag or container will soften it back up.  This trick works for hard cookies too.    

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  1. I have that same container although I don't store my brown sugar in it :) I keep my brown sugar in the fridge and it doesn't seem to get as hard but sometimes it still happens. I'm going to have to remember this!

  2. I keep my brown sugar in the refrigerator, too, but I need to keep this in mind anyway. Sometimes I get my sugar home from the store and realize it is already hard.


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