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Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days-Shoe Organization

Back when Princess was an only child, it was easy to have a little box near the front door to throw her shoes in.  After Little Man came along, the box started overflowing onto the floor, but I didn't have room for two boxes near the door so we just kept piling them in.  Then, I got pregnant with Baby #3 and realized that I had to find a new solution to the shoe problem. 

I found these stackable bins at Walmart and picked up three.  They're not very deep, but shoes stay in them well and I like that the fronts are open enough to easily reach in and find a matching pair of shoes.  Each child has their own bin and it's an easy enough system that even 2 year old Little Man has no problems putting his shoes away by himself.  The bins sit right next to the front door so the shoes can come off as soon as we come in the house and get put away correctly.  
I took this picture before Star was born as evidenced by the baby boy shoes in the top bin.

These bins would also work great for organizing toys, craft supplies, etc.  So many uses!

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  1. Great idea! I've actually been trying to think of a good idea to organize Evie's shoes. She has about eleven million!

    PS I liked you on Facebook!

    1. Thanks for the like! A girl's gotta have lots of shoes, right? :) If you use more than one bin, you could even organize her shoes by type!

  2. I like this idea! You have me thinking of ways I could adapt it here. Bigger kids = bigger, smellier shoes LOL. Maybe put the bins inside the hall closet. Hmmm.


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