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Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days-Non Messy Applesauce

My kids love applesauce.  And while, I love the convenience and non-messy aspect of the applesauce pouches, they aren't quite as cost efficient as buying applesauce in a jar or even in individual cups.

My kids love these things, but with the price, they're a special treat!
Since we have a Sam's Club membership, buying the individual cups is the way we usually go, especially since then I can throw one in Hubby's lunchpail for work.  4-year-old Princess does fine eating hers with a spoon, but 2-year-old Little Man generally ends up with half the cup of applesauce dribbled down the front of his shirt.  Plus, something that's eaten with a spoon is a little hard to take along places for a healthy snack.

Which is why I stick a straw in the cup.  You can poke it right through the foil top which makes it a perfect no-spill, on-the-go snack.  I like to cut the straws in half so they're easier for the kids to handle, plus it gives me twice as many straws for the same amount of money! 

Little Man enjoying a "cup" of applesauce

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  1. Good idea! Alaine is usually a relatively clean eater...until we go out and then it seems like she is always spilling something on her shirt when I have no change of clothes for her. Your idea would work really well at fast food places that serve applesauce!

  2. Great tip! My son is always covered in food!

  3. Hannah, what a clever idea! I love that you’ve found a way to satisfy the whole family, including little ones, with one snack. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club. – Ramona from Sam’s Club


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