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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days-Stop Losing Baby Socks

Someone gave me a mesh lingerie wash bag for a baby shower when I was expecting Princess.  I thought it was kind of a strange gift until she explained that it could be used for washing baby socks and other little baby things such as bibs, mittens, etc.

I thanked her, put the bag away and forgot about it until I started regularly losing baby socks in the wash.  I finally figured out that front loading machine actually do eat socks (and all this time, I thought it was a myth!  Take that, MythBusters!) because they get stuck in the rubber gasket around the door.  I fished a ton of soggy (ew!) socks out of the gasket and dug out the lingerie bag.

I tied a piece of ribbon on each end of the bag, which was easy since I could thread it through the mesh, hung it on the end of the changing table, and simply threw the socks in there as I took them off.  When it was time to do laundry, I tucked the ribbon inside the bag, zipped it shut, and threw it in with the rest of the wash.

Presto!  No more lost socks!

You can use a regular lingerie mesh wash bag like this:

Mesh Lingerie Delicates Wash Bag - Household Essentials #121

 Or...I just found this awesome baby laundry bag by Munchkin that has two compartments for sorting laundry.  This would also be great if you have more than one little one because each child's socks could go into a separate compartment.  

Munchkin Baby Laundry Bag

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