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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Randoms - March 11, 2013

Last Monday afternoon, Princess "helped" me out by unbuckling the younger kids' carseats.  We'd taken Hubby's pick-up to town to run errands because our driveway was really slippery and it had taken me almost an hour to install the carseats in the back of the truck.  Nothing like having to re-install 2 carseats in the middle of town while the back of your coat blows up, your pants slide down (which is actually a good thing since it means I'm losing weight!) and the 2 year old messes up the settings in the truck.

It was a sad day on Tuesday.  Hubby let me sleep in since Star had had a rough time sleeping the night before (sleeping in was not the sad part, it was very happy).  However, I awoke to find that Princess and Little Man had discovered my secret chocolate stash and told Daddy about it.  So, not only did all three enjoy a delicious breakfast of Reese's peanut butter cups, but now I have to find a new hiding spot which won't be easy since the rest of my dear family is now aware that I have a secret chocolate stash and will be actively looking for it.

I've heard that there are babies who actually relax when they're eating.  Not Star.  She likes to practice her gymnastics routine while she's drinking her bottle.  In fact, sometimes, I think she uses more energy than she's taking in with the bottle.

Last night, I was awoken by Little Man crying that he was wet.  I stumbled into his room half asleep to be met with a bed full of puke.  Since Hubby was working the night shift, I'd let Princess sleep with me and Little Man sleep in Princess's vacated bed.  I stripped down the sheets, cleaned him up and changed him, and put him to sleep in his bed.  Not long after that, we repeated the process when he threw up all over his bed as well.  It was a fun night. *Insert sarcasm here*  This morning, I awoke to 2 extra loads of laundry, and an aching back which I apparently threw out while stripping the beds in the middle of the night.  Little Man is showing no signs of having been sick last night.  I, however, am hobbling around today half asleep.   

A gift for Star from a sweet lady in our church.  No really, she's literally the sweetest lady I know. Not sure we'll be hanging onto this bear for very long though.  It takes up more room than the kids.

Is it just me or is Star trying to say "Save me!" in this picture?
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  1. Enjoy reading the Monday Randoms. I think Star is saying save me. With two older siblings I am sure she will say many more times.

  2. Oh goodness! I, too, have a secret chocolate stash - and I have to re-hide it about once a week because some VERY smart three-year-old who lives with me seems to keep finding it!

    1. I'm thinking the next step is a lockbox, LOL. However, the kids would probably figure out how to pick the lock.


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