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Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Monday-March 25th, 2013

I survived my first craft show in over a year.  Last year, just as the spring craft show season was starting, I was throwing up and being sick all the time, plus I couldn't carry all the heavy boxes.  Yeah, pregnancy will do that to a girl.  When the fall craft season started, I was 9+ months pregnant and then I had a newborn (yes, those two things are related) so I took a whole year off from doing craft shows.  As much as I hate having to set up and tear everything down and take 18 trips to and from the car to load/unload everything, I LOVE doing craft shows and I really missed them during my 1 year hiatus.
I made $60 at last weekend's show which covered my table fee and my gas money (but not the yummy cupcakes I bought from another vendor) so it really wasn't worth my time, but I still had fun getting back in the craft show business.

Do you remember in my last week's Monday Randoms post when I said that it was time to move Star out of the cradle beside my bed?  *sob*  She is officially sleeping in the pack n' play in my room now.  I was expecting her to look tiny in the pack n' play, but she really doesn't.

I still haven't started the kids' Easter outfits.  I still have 6 whole days, right?  If you want to find me next Saturday night at 11 pm, I'll be sucking down caffeine and sewing like a madman so I can be all nonchalant and cool when someone asks me where I got my children's Easter outfits.  "Oh, I just whipped them up."

Star still hasn't figured out how to roll over from her back to her tummy.  Instead, she can be found doing this most of the time...

My mother said she likes the kids' names as is on the blog so I won't be changing them.  After all, I always listen to my mother.  Right, Mom?

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  1. Yay mom lol!!!! Please don't change Star at least cause remember Im the one that loves that name and has it picked for my future baby girl! I have already gotten attached to hearing it on here and I LOVE it!!! :) How did Princess ever think of it?!

    1. I have no idea how Princess came up with the name :) She must have heard it somewhere and liked the sound of it.

  2. Love the picture of Star arching her back. And yes, ALWAYS listen to your mother.

    1. Yes, mother :) After all, I am the perfect daughter, right?


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