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Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's in the Easter Basket?

I'm kind of a bad mom.  I don't go all out on holidays because I know the kids will be getting a lot of candy and gifts from relatives.  Maybe that actually makes me a good mom?  I don't know.

Either way, this is what my kiddos are getting in their Easter baskets this year.  I use the term "Easter basket" loosely since I don't actually have baskets for them and plan to just arrange their gifts on the fireplace hearth (lame moment alert-I had to google that because I couldn't remember what it was called.  I kept thinking mantle, but that's on top of the fireplace.  I'm so shmart.)  Don't worry, I'll stick a post-it or something with their name above each pile lovely grouping of gifts so they'll know whose is whose.  This should especially be helpful to 6 month old Star since she's been busy reading War and Peace in her crib at nights and appreciates all the extra practice reading she can get. 

This is the "joint gift pile".  The egg shaped marshmallows will be shared by all (except Star, of course).  I won the Veggie Tales dvd at a giveaway on the Our Journey blog and was thrilled that it arrived in time for Easter!

 In case you couldn't tell, this is Star's pile of Easter goodies.  She's getting a couple of Carter's bibs and "shoe socks" from Target and a small doll from Tansy Dolls.  I won a $50 gift certificate to Tansy Dolls from a giveaway at Forty Toes Photography and was able to get a small gift for each one of the kidlets for Easter. 

Little Man's loot.  He's realllllly into cutting up paper and coloring so I got him his own pair of safety scissors (he's been using Princess's) and some Crayola Twistables crayons.  The sweet little robin is from Tansy Dolls.

Princess is in need of some new hair supplies (after 4 years, she's finally running out of hair elastics!) so I got her some hair elastics, glitter barrettes, and a hairbrush and comb set.  The cute little doll is from Tansy Dolls.

What are your kids getting in their Easter baskets?  Link up your blogpost here!

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