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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gracie's Gowns

I wrote about my friend, Jessica's boutique back in November.  In the time I've known her, it seems like she's always got a project going to benefit others (check out her auction that starts on 6-20-12 to help a special family in need).  Now, she's taken her desire to help others to a whole new level.

 In March, 2012, she started Gracie's Gowns to provide special hospital gowns to children with extended hospital stays.  It began as a small local project, but as she saw a need, she realized that she had to do more.  Working with her own materials and time and donated materials/funds, she now makes hospital gowns for teens, children, and infants across the country.   

This is not something that Jessica is doing for recognition or money.  She doesn't charge a cent for any of the hospital gowns, and she's not looking for praise.  She's simply seeing a need and filling it.

 As she's put more time into Gracie's Gowns, she has taken time away from her original business, Baby Bug Boutique.  She's now planning to focus on Gracie's Gowns and only work on Baby Bug Boutique as she has time.   

In just a few months, Jessica has taken a small project and turned it into something that people are really starting to notice.

The current sponsors of Gracie's Gowns are Nord's Country Store, B&C's Cupcakes, Kamsnaps, the Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation, and Fabric.com.  You can help too by going here

 To request a gown for your child or for a child you know, go here

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