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Friday, June 8, 2012

How To Block Apps On Facebook

I used to play Farmville.  Just for fun, and because I had some extra time.  Then, I had a second baby and started a business.  And I let my crops die and have never looked back.

I have no problem with other people playing games on Facebook.  If they have time to do it, than more power to them.  Personally, I'm just too busy so that means that all those requests I get to join or play games or add apps go untouched.  But, it does kind of annoy me when I log onto Facebook to find that I have 27 notifications and 26 of them are game requests.  So, I did some digging/clicking around and figured out how to block the apps.  That means, no one can send me a request to play anymore.  If I really want to play the game at some point in the future, I can unblock it.

All it takes it 2 easy steps:

First, start typing the app's name in your Facebook search bar.  Select the option that says "App Page"

Hover over the little icon next to "Play Game' and select "Block App" from the drop down menu.


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