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Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days-Day 29

I had a craft show today from 9-3.  My younger sister, came with me to help me carry (read: carry everything for me while I sit around and look pretty) all the boxes in and out of the venue so I wouldn't hurt my back worse than it is already. 

Little Sis came home with me to spend the night and help out since I've got so much to do tonight.  When we walked in, I apologized for the mess.  She gave me a funny look and said, "What mess?"  Hehe.  That's why I apologized.  To make her notice how clean it was.  It worked.

I made Kiddie Trail Mix yesterday.  It was really complicated and took me hours to perfect.  Actually, it took me, like, 30 seconds to dump everything in a container and shake it up.
First I threw some cheerios in an air tight container.  I didn't measure because, well, I just don't do that unless it's absolutely necessary.  Then I added dried pineapple, colored marshmallows, and chocolate chips.  I plan to add raisins and sunflower seeds when I get around to buying them.  Because Princess can't have regular chocolate chips (allergies to gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts, remember?) I made her a separate batch in a different container with her special dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate chips.
The kids love the stuff especially since it's got pretty colors and chocolate in it. 

Are you looking forward to your day off from cleaning tomorrow?  A day off from cleaning doesn't mean that you just drop stuff on the floor and walk away.  Picking up after yourself should become a habit that you automatically do.   A day off means that you skip the daily routines and take it easy. 
Have fun!

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