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Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days-Days 19 & 20

My Brain
Definition: Something that weighs my head down so it doesn't float away like a helium balloon.  Not to be mistaken for a useful tool for thinking and remembering things. 
Synonyms: Useless, counterproductive, ineffective.
Antonyms: Helpful, cogitating device, useful in any situation.

Ever feel like you're a broken record?  I forgot to blog yesterday.  Yup.  Realized it while I was falling asleep in my nice warm bed last night.  I thought about getting up and blogging quick before midnight.  But I didn't.  Moving on...

I dutifully did my morning routine and the Wednesday routine yesterday.  I also did some work on my zone which is the living room.  One of my friends was over visiting, and I put her to work helping me swap out the kids' toys and books for the ones I had put away.  It was like Christmas at my house when the kids got up from their naps.  The little dears dumped everything out on the floor.  And here's the fun part.  It's all still there.  I did not clean today.  At all.  I had a doctor's appointment this morning in a town an hour and a half away from here, and if I'm going to be in The Big City with all them fancy stores and such, I'm going to get my monthly stockpile shopping done.  We live in a very small town (pop: 1426) that is 45 minutes away from the closest superstore so about once a month, I spend all day in The City stocking up on junk...I mean stuff we need and can't buy where we live.

My mom and Princess came with me today.  Little Man, in true boy fashion, hates shopping with a passion so I generally leave him behind with one of my sisters.  We found some good stuff today.
Dairy Free-Gluten Free chocolate chips for Princess!  My little chocolate lover about died when she saw these.  We found them at a Food Coop. 

Guitar shaped cake pan for Little Man's birthday.  I didn't buy it today, but am so thrilled that I know where to get one now!  Guess what the theme for his second birthday is going to be?  I have almost all the details planned out and his birthday isn't until May.  Have I mentioned I tend to be a little OCDish at times?
Zebra print sugar sheets for decorating cakes!  How cool is this?!?!  I had no idea how I was going to make Princess's birthday cake (Not until January.  I know, I know...) for her zebra themed birthday party.  This will make it so easy.

Eric Carle shirt for $9 at Target!  I'm a sucker for anything Eric Carle so I had to get this shirt for Little Man!

Also at Target, a hot pink Cat in the Hat shirt with zebra accents!!  Princess's favorite color, her favorite print (zebra), and one of her favorite books, all rolled into one adorable shirt.

White chocolate candy corn M&Ms.  Have you tried these?  I mean, really.  Have you?!?!  They are yummy!  And very sweet, so don't eat too many at once.  Totally wish I'd have gotten more than one bag since the next time I get to Walmart, they won't have these anymore.  FYI, if you want to be my favoritest reader of all time, you can email me for my address so you can send me a few dozen bags.  Just sayin'


  1. Yes, those M&Ms are sweet! We picked up a bag last week and all shared them. I have a major sweet tooth and they were almost too sweet for me. I managed to eat quite a few anyway. ;-)

  2. Thats so funny about the M&Ms!!! I have a bag sitting on my computer desk right now! I'm on my 2nd bag ;)


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