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Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days-Days 27 & 28

I finished my weekly zone, the bathroom, yesterday (Thursday, whoop, whoop!).  So nice to have that done.  

Today, I worked on laundry.  I didn't get it all done though so I'll have to finish it tomorrow evening when I get done with my craft show.  I've noticed that doing laundry really makes my back start hurting again.  I'm guessing it has something to do with carrying heavy baskets up and down a flight of stairs, making a second trip upstairs to drag a screaming child back down to our half of the house (they really like going upstairs to see our landlady and her dog.  She gives them skittles) and leaning repeatedly into the washer and dryer to remove clothing.  Not sure what to do about this though.  It's not like anyone is volunteering to do my laundry for me...are they?  *Hint, hint*

My mom posted this cartoon on my dad's facebook wall today.  My dad is a banjo player and proud of it and we like to pick on him.  Lovingly, of course.  Okay, we actually get kind of mean sometimes.     
This made me laugh.

Little Man loves playing with my pins when I'm pinning my sewing projects.  Today, he dumped them all out on the floor and oh-so-carefully picked them up and put them back in the little plastic box.  Then he dumped them back out.  He spent a good half hour playing with my pins.  And he never once poked himself.  He did, however, poke his sister a few times.  Let's just say that that didn't go over well.
A month ago, I could never have posted a picture like this because this floor would've been strewn with toys.  I see the kids' toy broom laying in front of the fireplace, but that's it.  Makes me so warm and fuzzy to see the carpet.

I made stuffed crust pizza and pizza breadsticks for supper on Thursday.  Yummmmmm.  My secret?  String cheese.

For the pizza, make your pizza crust like normal and then cut string cheese sticks into thirds.  Arrange the string cheese around the outer edge of the crust. 

You can put your string cheese closer together than this.  I was running out so I had to stretch mine out so it would go all the way around the pizza.

Next, fold the crust over the string cheese and pinch closed. 

All tucked in and ready for toppings!

Make the pizza the way you normally do and enjoy!

I forgot to get a picture of the cheesy breadsticks, but you basically use the same technique as you did with the pizza.  Use refrigerated crescent roll dough and pinch two triangles together to form a rectangle.  Put a whole piece of string cheese in the center and roll the dough around the cheese.  Pinch the edges closed.  Brush with butter and sprinkle with garlic salt before baking.  So easy and completely calorie and fat free!  Or so I keep telling myself.

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