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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days-Days 17 & 18

Hmmm, I seem to have missed another day.  This blogging for 31 days straight thing is harder than I thought it would be.  But I'm still truckin' along and I'm going to make it to October 31st, even if I miss a day here or there.

I feel a little guilty because my house was a little messy today and yesterday.  I'm supposed to be helping everyone else conquer their messes and get their houses clean this month, and here I am setting a bad example. 

Let's spin this a little though.  *Climbs up onto a soapbox and gets all inspirational-ish*  I'm here to say that even if you slip off the wagon a little or fall off completely and get run over by said wagon, you can get back on!  Don't lose heart and don't beat yourself up.  Lasso that wagon and reel it back so you can climb back on. 

Okay, enough with the western cliches.

But seriously, though.  If you slip up, it's fine.  I slipped up quite a bit, but this evening, after about 30 minutes of catch-up cleaning, things are looking pretty good around here too.  Actually, what prompted me to do a quick clean of the house was the loss of a spool of white thread which I kinda need to finish my sewing projects.  I got things cleaned up, but I still didn't find it so I'm thinking that an angel faced cherub may have misappropriated it to some random place where I'll find it in several months while doing some deep cleaning.

My plan for tomorrow is to change out the kids' toys and books with the ones in storage in their bedroom closet and clean the sliding glass door in the living room (my zone this week!).  To be honest, I haven't cleaned the sliding glass door since...well...ever.  There are fingerprints and smudges on there from when Princess first crawled over to bang on the glass with her drooly little fingers.  She's now almost four.  Up until now, I've put it off by telling myself that it's a "memory door" with all of its little fingerprints and nose smudges.  Pathetic, I know.    

What's your plan for tomorrow?

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