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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days-Day 5

Princess went to the farm with Hubby last night to spend some time with her daddy.  Things took longer than he anticipated though, and so he asked his mom to bring Princess home for bed.  He called to tell me to expect them in a few minutes.  A few weeks ago, I would've gone into a frenzied panic, shoving dirty dishes helter skelter in the dishwasher, throwing the stuff covering the living room floor, couch, and coffee table into laundry baskets to hide in my bedroom, and hyperventilating.  Not this time.  I continued to calmly make supper (I told you we eat late!), and when Princess came waltzing into the house with Grandma, I was all smiles and hugs.  No, my house wasn't perfectly clean, but it was pretty doggone good, if I do say so myself.  Rather than wanting to disappear in embarrassment at the mess and trying to rush my mother-in-law out the door, I enjoyed a conversation with her, inside my house.

This is why I'm using the Flylady system to get my house clean.

I didn't get a chance to do much extra cleaning yesterday afternoon like I'd planned because of some extra work that came up with the boutique.  After perusing my calendar, I don't think I'll be doing a lot of extra cleaning for another week at least.  I have a ton of orders to finish and ship out, and then my fall craft show schedule starts a week from Saturday.  I have 3 craft shows in a row, 1 week off, 2 more, 1 week off, and 1 more.  Which means I'm going to need to get my inventory back up.  Anyone want to come help sew taggie blankets and glue flowers?  :)

I decided to change Wednesday and Thursday's lists around.  I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to pay bills on Wednesdays when pay day is on Thursdays.  For some reason, people get a little touchy when you send a bill stub back with no money.  So on Wednesdays, I'll do my 27 (or 5-10) Fling Boogie, sweep the kitchen floor, and clean out the fridge.  On Thursdays, I'll work on laundry and pay bills. 

I have some really exciting news for all my readers!!!  I was contacted by MyMemories which is a digital scrapbooking software company about doing a review and giveaway for the software on my blog!  I'm so psyched to be trying out the software!  I love the look of scrapbooking, but I never get around to dragging all of my scrapbooking supplies out of the closet to actually work on it.  I'll be setting a date for the review and giveaway tomorrow so watch for it :)

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  1. Nice example of why using FlyLady is helpful!! I was keeping on schedule, but only a couple days in when I went on vacation. It's taking some time to recover, but I hope to get back to where I left off! Now to get to some dishes...


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