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Friday, October 7, 2011

31 Days-Day 7

I'm running a little late today.  In my time zone, it's 10:43 pm as I write this.  I'm aware that some of you may be in October 8th already.  However, I think that as long as it's October 7th somewhere in the world, this still counts as Day 7.

We've had a horrible, terrible, no-good, really bad day.  As in, not a good day. 

Morning was great.  I did my morning routine before we left for town at 8:45 for Little Man's weight check at the doctor.  (He's gained over a pound in the last month, yay!)  As soon as that was done, we headed to the school for our ECFE class which was fun.  Then we came home.  I should've known better than to do that. 

I laid the kidlets down for naps and sat down to finish cutting and pinning fabric for orders.  Everything was quiet, and I was quite pleased with how easily the kids went to sleep today.  Then, I smelled something overly sweet.  And heard a tiny sound coming from down the hallway.  I dropped the box of pins on the table and ran, sensing that something was amiss.  Popping my head into the kids' room to check on Princess, I was met with a terrible sight.  Everything from my nightstand was open and spread around the carpeted floor.  Having severe excema, I have a lot of prescription lotions and creams for my poor dry hands plus regular lotion, vaseline, etc. that I keep on my nightstand.  And it was all over the place.  About $50 worth of product spread on the plush baby blue carpet.  Princess was nowhere to be seen, so I left the scene of the crime and headed across the hallway to my room where Little Man was supposed to be sleeping peacefully in the pack n' play.  He wasn't.  He was happily playing with 4 open bottles of perfume which were of course, empty by now.  Princess was emptying the rest of the drawers in my nightstand of books, papers, and keepsakes.  Many of them were also covered in lotion of some sort. 

I couldn't breathe.  The mess was unbelievable.  My perfume bottles that were a keepsake of my Great Grandmother were emptied.  Both children smelled sickeningly good. 

Have I mentioned that I have a severe allergy to chemicals of any sort, including perfume?

I cleaned the mess and both children up, opened all the windows to air the house out, and made it very clear to Princess that this was not okay and that Daddy would have to deal with her when he got home from work as I was too angry with her to do it myself. 

As of right now, my lungs and throat don't feel quite right.  I'm freaking out about going to bed as I know all too well from experience that that is when most of my life-threatening severe asthma attacks occur. 

My house isn't terribly clean right now.  But thanks to the steady work I've been putting into it, it isn't terribly messy either.  Today was an off day, and tomorrow is a brand new one with another chance to get things right. 

By the way, I signed up for Pinterest.  I don't know why I did it as I've heard it's addicting.  And it is.  You can follow me at HannahWingert to see what I'm wasting...I mean spending my time doing. 


  1. I LOVE Pinterest!!! It is addicting.

    I'm so sorry about all your perfume and product you lost. :(

  2. Betsy, I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest! It's so much fun!!


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