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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days-Day 4

I'd love to see your before and after pictures during this 31 day process of cleaning your home!  Come on over to my facebook page and share them :) 

The task for today was to spend 30 minutes in the weekly zone.  I know I spent more than 1/2 hour in the kidlets' room, but it looks so much better.  I sat down in the doorway with a garbage bag on one side of me and an empty box on the other and just bulldozed my way quickly through the whole room.  Every time I came to something that went in a different room of the house, I tossed it in the empty box.  I even emptied the box when I was done and put everything away in its proper place.  I know how I "work" and if I hadn't done it right away, it would probably be sitting there two months from now still waiting to be done.

The kids' floor is cleaned up except for the veritable mountain of clothes waiting to be either put away in drawers or packed up to be passed on to the next child who needs it.  My sister insists (the nerve!) on sending the clothes that her little boy outgrows straight home with me, and I've been throwing the random boxes and bags into the kids' room without organizing any of it.  Oops.  My youngest nephew is only 11 days older than Little Man, but he's in 2T while Little Man is in that awkward, nothing fits stage between 12 and 18 months.

Yes, I know.  It's bad.  But you should see how great the rest of the room looks!  I'll post "after" pictures when we move onto the next weekly zone.

While cleaning the toys and books out from underneath Princess's bed, I found an open package of chocolate flavored instant pudding.  Let me tell you, that stuff is NOT fun to clean up.  When I went into the kitchen to get a wet washcloth for the sticky stuff, I found Princess and Little Man sitting on the kitchen floor with nothing on but their skivvies.  Princess was in the process of removing her brother's poopy diaper.  I shudder to think what would have happened had I waited a few more minutes to go into the kitchen.  Disaster averted, I impressed upon Princess the importance of how ONLY mommies and daddies can change dirty diapers (and in our house, it's ONLY mommies who do that). 

I'm sure this has something to do with living in a basement and the kids' room having only one small window with a view of under the upstairs deck, but mold tends to flourish in the kids' room.  We've cleaned mold off the wall beneath the window several times and as of right now, it hasn't grown back.  Yet their room stills smells musty and moldy.  I've checked every nook and cranny and I can't find anything in there that's moldy.  This is especially concerning as Princess has an allergy to mold that makes her asthma and overall health significantly worse.  She spent her first year and a half constantly sick with colds until we found the mold growing on the wall and cleaned it off.  She's not sick now, but her asthma has been really bad the last few months.  I'm also worried about Little Man being exposed to mold as it can make even a healthy person sick.  Anyone have any tips or had to deal with something like this before?

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  1. haha - wow! Your daughter probably was just trying to help out, right? That's pretty funny.


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