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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days-Days 11 & 12

I feel bad that I missed a day, but my computer needed a overhaul so I could use the MyMemories scrapbooking software on it.  Remember, I'm doing a review on the software and will be doing a giveaway for a free download of the software for one of my lucky readers!  I also just got an email about more freebies from MyMemories (I'm so in love with this company!!) for my readers!!  I can't wait to show everything to you guys!

Yesterday was an off day (didn't I just have one of those?).  My dear old dad was at my house all day trying to figure out how to make my picky Ubuntu computer work with the scrapbooking software and finally ended up installing Windows.  Which means I'll be able to do SO much more on my computer.  Ubuntu is fine, but seriously I'm not a computer geeknerd and basic is better for me.  Besides most stuff you want to download doesn't work on Ubuntu.  So I'm happy about getting to use Windows.

So, I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday besides my morning routine.  I did work on sewing quite a bit so it's not like I sat around and ate bon-bons all day.  Although that was a really tempting idea.  I always want to eat chocolate when my darling children do something that's...not so darling.  Sweet little Princess cracked open the display box and ripped my Swedish wedding crown off the display pillow.  And, then she "misplaced" it.  I have looked everywhere and can't find it.  Which is highly concerning as it is very delicate and was hand tatted by my very special aunt for my wedding.  I shudder to think of what will happen to it if it falls into the hands of, say, Little Man.

You can't see the crown very well in this picture, but it's what's holding my veil up.

Today has been quite a bit more productive.  My darling little sister came over to help me out today as she so often does.  The kids adore her, she helps clean my house, and she works for free.  Actually, she does eat a lot of my food, especially if chocolate is in the ingredients, but it's still cheaper than hiring someone.  She helped me cross quite a few things off the list for the weekly zone, which is the kitchen.  My kitchen's looking pretty hot!  I even cleaned out the fridge today. 

Me (cheerfully): It's too bad these drawers in the fridge don't come out so I could clean underneath them.  I mean, that area could really use a good cleaning.

Little Sis (doubtfully): Are you sure they don't come out?

Me: (still cheerfully): Nope! They don't come out!  See?

The drawer falls out of the fridge onto the floor.

Me: (downfallen): I need another rag.

Check it out!  Nothing's moving or growing anything!


  1. My kitchen and fridge is what I'm going to tackle next week...sigh. Not looking forward to it.

  2. I'm with you there! Kitchen and bathroom are the worst rooms to clean as there's always a grossness factor involved.


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